Why get CCTV?

Deterrence and Peace of Mind

Closed Circuit surveillance is an effective way to deter criminal activity. The mere presence of CCTV could prevent criminals to strike. With the ever increasing crime rates in South Africa, it is becoming imperative that people look after their homes and businesses with Closed Circuit Television cameras. Sleep easy at night knowing that someone is always watching.


Many restaurant owners and managers are using the app interface to monitor staff remotely. Staff now know that even though the manager is out and about, that he/she could be watching from wherever he/she is. Productivity levels in the workplace have thus increased significantly after the implementation of CCTV.


In the event of criminal activity or any other incident on your premises, the footage often goes a long way in the conviction of the guilty party. Courts value video evidence highly when coming to a decision. You cannot hide from a camera. Justice is what we are all looking out for!

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