Consolutec Solutions (Pty) Ltd – Your Premium CCTV Solutions Partner

Consolutec is your premium security technology solutions partner of choice, with more CCTV brands under one roof, we have the solution you required.

Further to this, we are fully and comprehensively certified in the field of CCTV as a installer along with certified technicians.

Consolutec also only offers premium branded equipment ensuring you are covered when you need coverage, we also only make use of equipment that is extensively tested and insurance approved therefore preventing you from having any issues in the event of needing to submit video evidence.

Consolutec operates nationally and also runs a CCTV Off Site Monitoring Center for added peace of mind.

Part of our value proposition is that we offer:
• Good
• Better
• Best
This policy allows us to match our customer’s budget, without compromising on quality, service and protection. Consolutec Solutions offers holistic servicing on all your security needs. One partner, one solution and one point of contact for all your needs. This simplifies customer input and ensures superior service delivery.
Consolutec Solutions offer exceptionally highly trained technicians that are all certified by our suppliers.

Consolutec Solutions are specialists in:
• CCTV Installations, repairs and 24 hour off site monitoring
• Access Control
• Intrusion Systems
• Office Automation Systems
• PABX Telephone Systems
• Broadband Solutions
• Networking Infrastructures

Consolutec Solutions has the vision to strive to fill the gap between quality technology and price in South Africa, by doing so management only sources the most premium of quality products and negotiate to get products at the right price an intern passing that discount onto our discerning clients, whom ultimately matter the most.
Our mission is through commitment to affordable prices and world class service, backed by the worlds most advanced technology, Consolutec Solutions leads the way in providing value to our clients and other stakeholders alike, by filling the gap between price and value.
Therefore, ensure that you, the client, get exactly what you need, when you need it most.

Workmanship Guarantees
Consolutec Solutions, with the highly trained technicians we have in place, offer you, our clients, workmanship guarantees for a minimum of 2 to 7 years depending on the installation.
All our technicians attend for training every three months to ensure that we maintain our high standards. Our Technicians are also certified in all major brands to ensure peace of mind for you, Our Valued Client.
Further to the above, Consolutec also has world class systems in place where we are able to monitor and troubleshoot any system installed remotely, and rectify any issue prior to the client even knowing thereof.
Our technology is of such an advanced nature, that Consolutec also offers you a guaranteed up to 6-hour turnaround time in the event of logging a call. If we fail to deliver, we will pay you your Service Level Agreement monthly instalment back. Our service level agreement starts from a mere R499 per month, depending on your requirements.
These services range from a basic to a comprehensive service agreement.

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