CCTV company at your service, we guarantee you money back if our service does not please you

We are a young innovative and dynamic group of young people involved in providing security services to South Africa . We offer value for money services which is next to none androids guarantee for our work.
Give us a try and win with us .

Our CCTVs comes in different types, you are able to monitor your home on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world and they have intercom for you to shout at whoever is in your home .
Try us for the best service and make value for money .We also do CCTVs installed on flood lights which carries a memory card to record .
We are do Electronic door locking systems this can be used at business and in the home ,with this service comes the door entrance monitor which has a CCTV to showy out who is at your door step.
We are also do finger print and electronic locking system suitable for home and office .
We aalso sell personal car tracking to monitor your car(s)
We also install fire and burglary prevent ion kit , it has smoke dictators, fire and buglary dectators and has an alarm.
We also do solar lights for your home to help you save on electricity bills

With our gadgets you will have peace of mind and you are able to monitor your home as long as you have wifi connected to your home .

We are the best give us a try today and you will have done justice to your life and family. Virtual technologies the best so far. We are proud of our service and will be happy to give you a quotation for that without any charges .
Give us a call today and let’s start working on your security while you take a rest

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Elfas Zadzagomo


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Our Services


  • CCTV installations
  • Self monitored alarm system
  • Electronic door locking system installations
  • Car Tracking self monitored system installation


Areas in Gauteng we cover

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